Bathroom Facilities

At the resort we offer different options in ablutions facilities. We have 4 ablutions blocks at the resort.

  1. Male/Female split bathroom with showers, toilets and bath facility in the woman side ideal for small babies and mothers. This block services the A and B Camping Block
  2. The very popular family bathroom with big showers and toilets. Each shower offers enough room for a relaxing shower and ample space to get dressed. This block services the B and C block with unisex showers and toilets.
  3. E Ablution block is also male/female split. This one services the E and D camping blocks.
  4. Last one is the new ablutions at the expo terrain. This one is only for special occasions like the expo, and to service the new up and coming Kam’Bati sport grounds that is still in the development fase.

Bathroom Sportfield Pictures